Sarah Nathaniel


Sarah is a qualified teacher and educator with over 20 years’ experience of engaging young people with passion and enthusiasm. She has worked in schools, with youth groups and museums to provide educational sessions that are exciting and memorable.

Sarah loves history and is fascinated by all aspects of the First World War. She also has a special interest in telling the stories of women throughout history and in the women’s suffrage movement in particular.

Sarah also works for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, sharing the stories of the men and women who died in both world wars.

She re-enacts as a suffragette, and nurses of the First World War (VAD – volunteers and QAIMNS – qualified military nurses.)

Votes for Women Workshop.

This exciting and absorbing workshop introduces the important topic of women’s struggle to get the vote in an age-appropriate way. It is suitable for both upper KS2 and KS3 students.

The day begins with an overview of the women’s suffrage movement and some of the key events and people, before students complete fun activities to consider some of the reasons women were denied the vote and deciding whether they would have been a suffragist or suffragette.

Other activities across the day include:

  • Discover fascinating facts in a suffrage quiz.
  • Learn to write and break code like the suffragettes.
  • Discover the ways in which the suffragettes protested and see their weapons of choice.
  • Suffragettes In & Out of Prison game.

The day will end with a march around your hall or playground with banners the students will have made representing their views, and the chance to shout some slogans from the time! There will also be time to reflect on the importance of this movement for the rights of women everywhere.

The workshop can be run as a 2 hour morning or afternoon session, or as a full day.

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The suffragette workshop led by Sarah is fantastic! She was so knowledgeable on many aspects of the suffragettes and our pupils were engaged with her from the start. There was a wonderful variety of activities that catered for all abilities and our pupils loved every minute of it. They particularly enjoyed the opportunity to create banners and march around the school. This gave the day a brilliant “feel good” ending. The games and activities for the children are very detailed and give them plenty to learn and think about. The “true or false” and “suffragist vs suffragette” activities were excellent too and gave our children plenty of opportunity to speak their mind – which they loved! Overall, this workshop is the perfect way to supplement your suffragette learning.

Everyone enjoyed the suffragette workshop and some people had some amazing costumes. A lot of people put a lot of work into their banners that we were asked to make for the big march around the school, which was a lot of fun. We played a little game to decide if we were a suffragist or a suffragette. We learnt some facts about the suffragettes and did a timeline of events, and even saw what you might find in a suffragette’s bag. I definitely enjoyed it. I think it was a great opportunity to find out more about these brave women.