“Steps back in Time, Gary Baines gave a fantastic input on WWI and the realities to both those who were present on the front lines and those who were at home. His attention to detail and ability to convey and contextualise the subject to both children and adults was exemplary, the practical exercises were engaging, educational and most of all fun, we were simply learning without knowing it and continue to talk about it today”.

Wealden Police Cadets, Sussex Police.

“Very pleasing to have the trust to handle such amazing artefacts, very well put together and covered everything in a good short time.”

Year 9 Student.

“I enjoyed this experience because I was able to touch the artefacts which you would not be able to do in a museum.”

Year 9 Student.

“I wore a pair of a hundred year old 3D glasses which I never knew existed.”

Year 9 Student.

“I really enjoyed this afternoon because I now really understand what life was like in the trenches.”

Year 9 Student.

“I really enjoyed this afternoon, it really made me feel what it was like to be in WW1.”

Year 9 Student.

“My daughter really enjoyed it. She learnt so much from the talk and was so enthusiastic when she came home after school and told me all about it.”

Parent of Year 9 Student.

“SBiT first visited us in November 2014, the only historical organisation who responded to our emails asking for assistance and support with our World War One Centenary Reflections. The school’s History Department had combined with our Theatre Technicians to set up an exhibition on the stage area recreating WW1 experiences for men, women, and children from 1914 onwards.

On the last day of the exhibition, they came in bringing a huge range of WW1 artefacts for all our students to see and then did an hour long presentation to the whole of Year 7. With a very strong emphasis on creating empathy amongst the students, this included what life was like for an ordinary ‘British Tommy’ freshly enlisted, focusing on the experiences of men from the Royal Sussex Regiment  leading up to and including the experience of ‘The Battle of The Boar’s Head’ on 30th June 1916. Gary Baines, dressed in full authentic WW1 Sergeant’s uniform, also explained how some of the artefacts were used most notably the Vickers machine gun. During the presentation there was also emphasis place on the key role women played during the conflict, most notably the ‘Munitionettes’ the many thousands of qualified nurses, the Voluntary Aid Detachments and members of ‘The Women’s Land Army.’

There can be no doubt that SBiT’s contribution was invaluable to the success of our exhibition and special Year 7 assembly.”

Head of History.

“SBiT visited to help create empathy between a group of Year 9 students and their ancestors who may well have enlisted as volunteers in ‘Kitchener’s Army.’

They took the students through parade drills including marching and even, in a fun way, introduced some of them to parade drill punishments should their drill performance not have been up to standard. The students really enjoyed this experience! They also found dismantling, carrying and reassembling a Vickers machine gun really developed their teamwork skills.

The session lasted for almost two hours, some of their comments are written below…”

“It was so much fun to learn all the marches and doing the salute.”

“I thought it was so much fun! It was great to be able to take one of the guns apart and put it together again. I would definitely come to the exhibition again.”

“It was very thought provoking seeing the weapons that were actually used giving me real empathy with those who fought and died.”

“Sbit visited the school to help 3 Year 9 History classes learn more about the experiences of trench life. They did a short presentation on a range of impressive trench artefacts. Students, under supervision, were also allowed to handle some of the artefacts (which would be behind glass in most museums!) The students made sketches of 3 items which they felt taught them the most about trench life.”

History Teacher.

“Steps back in Time is a close partner of Sussex Heritage Community. They’ve supported our outreach and education work enormously. Their enthusiasm and knowledge is incredible connecting both young and old with our history in such a way you’re left wanting to learn more. The team brings history to life and ensures that a factual, impartial and ethical message is carefully explained throughout the sessions.”

Daryl Holter, Sussex Heritage Community

“We were very excited to have Gary and the team take an active part in our Family Day to commemorate local soldier, Nelson Victor Carter VC. 

They set up a small camp on our school field and educated visitors all day with their fascinating hands-on exhibits and expert knowledge. There were even items specifically related to the Battle of Boar’s Head, which was a privilege for us all to see. 

The drills on the playground were brilliantly done and were fun, entertaining for both those taking part and those watching, and always educational.

Thank you for being part of such an unforgettable day.”

Langney Primary Academy
Langney Primary Family Day