We know how stressful arranging school trips can be: rising coach and admission costs, not to mention the paperwork, which is why we come to you!

Without the need for travel, classes can experience a fantastic workshop, whilst reducing your overall costs and making sure teachers are able to enjoy the day too. Because we come to you, we are able to benefit a larger number of children in one day than would be possible via a coach outing.

Steps Back In Time is an education facility with a difference.

Teaching through hands-on experience and everyday comparisons, children and adults are able to learn in a stimulating and engaging way.

You can be taken back in time to a range of time periods, from the Victorians right through to the Second World War.

In our First World War workshop, for example, students will be given the chance to strip down and reassemble a Vickers machine gun. This develops the skills of team-working, listening to and following instructions and carrying out commands.

Uniquely, your students will have the opportunity to carry out the tasks of a First World War soldier with the actual items they would have used, bringing this experience truly to life through handling items, feeling their weight, and using them in the way a soldier of the time would have.

All this is carried out under the watchful eye of Sergeant Baines of the Royal Sussex Regiment wearing original kit from the time. Reading from his war diary gives a real insight into what trench life was like but also considers those left at home too.

Our aim is not to glorify war but to learn from it and reflect upon the experiences of the everyday lives of those men and women that gave their lives for us to have the freedoms we enjoy today.

All our experiences can be tailored to cater for any age group or ability.

If you’d like to discuss this unique experience further and see what we can offer you, please email us:

Sgt Baines taking an assembly.
Stripping the Vickers Machine Gun.
Parade drill with Worthing College using wooden, replica rifles.
Mobile museum to bring exhibits, artefacts and handling collection to you.